Ultra 160/m clocking question

Richard Moore r_moore at qlc.com
Thu Feb 11 15:26:25 PST 1999

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Ultra-3 is a STA term defined by a list of features, none of which is
SPI-3 is the T10 draft standard in which those features are described.
which as far as I know is a term not officially sanctioned by either T10 or
describes a specific Ultra-3 profile, namely double-transition clocking wide
transfers (hence 160 MB/s), with the "m" (for "manageability"), referring to
addition of non-packetized CRC and domain validation.

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> Curiosity gets the better of me.
> Can anyone explain what 160/m is?
> How does it differ from Ultra-3/SPI-3?
> If it is different, who created it and where is it documented?
> If there is no difference, why is there a new term?
> Thanks,
> Alan.
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