Update: Conference call on non-data phase protection

Jim McGrath Jim.McGrath at quantum.com
Tue Feb 9 19:48:39 PST 1999

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	I got one important feedback - a key company can't get their
engineers on the line for any March 1 meeting.  Therefore I'd like to
suggest March 2 (which is a Tuesday), at the same time (10 am to noon PST).

	Unfortunately, the other feedbacks I got confirmed my earlier
investigation that an earlier meeting date would leave someone out due to
some conflicting event.  So here is hoping that people find March 2

	Remember, I will get a proposal out sooner (I am trying for a week
earlier), so people will have time for review both before and after the con

	Once again, if you have a problem with the date/time, then please
email back to me (you don't have to
	reply to the entire T10 group) with your issue and suggested
alternatives, and I will try and reschedule.  (This process worked out well,
it just did not get the result I wanted on the first pass!)

	I will follow up this email with a later one on the exact logistics
(phone number), and then the actual proposal (which I'll ask John to post to
the web site as well).


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