Conference call on non-data phase protection

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Mon Feb 8 14:54:50 PST 1999

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I would like to hold a conference call on this topic (a follow up to the
discussion we had at the T10 meeting).  Proposed date and time:

		Monday, March 1, 10am - noon PST

I will provide a written proposal we can examine and discuss.  My goal is to
provide this document earlier, so that those of you who wish to engage in
preliminary email conversation will be able to do so.  The goal of the con
call is to make any generally agreed upon changes, and to identify
significant issues (i.e. those where we have no such agreement) before the
March T10 meeting.  If you remember, this is the same procedure we used on
the DT CRC proposal last fall, and our advanced work paid off well when the
meeting week commenced.

The reason this is as late as March 1 is that some key people are on
vacation/T13 duty during the next few weeks - this is the earliest time I
could identify as generally available.  It will still give me adequate time
to revise the proposal for the T10 week, and allow people time for a final
read from their implementers before we begin in Harrisburg.  If you have a
problem with the date/time, then please email back to me (you don't have to
reply to the entire T10 group) with your issue and suggested alternatives,
and I will try and reschedule.

I will follow up this email with a later one on the exact logistics (phone
number), and then the actual proposal (which I'll ask John to post to the
web site as well).


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