FC-TAPE and clause 9 uploaded.

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Wed Feb 3 18:42:43 PST 1999

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Howdy All,

I have uploaded FC-TAPE rev 1.13 (99-069v0.pdf) and what was clause 9 in

FC-TAPE (99-068v0.pdf) for review at next week's meeting(s).
Clause 9 and all annex's from FC-TAPE rev 1.12 have been removed and
be rolled into FCP-2 (Bob is busily working on it). I have been able to
a large portion of the comments but am still working them. FYI, Bob
Kembel also
had 60 comments that did not make it to the web site. I will have them
in the
letter ballot comment database for review next week and I will try to
get the letter
ballot comment database completed as soon as possible (working on it
The other thing I am working on is my action item to provide text
Public device discovery and authentication and should be completed by
meeting time.
You will notice what were clauses 10.3, 10.4, and 10.5 have been
A few issues we will need to discuss next week:
- Per FC-PH the time to wait for a response to an extended link service
is 2xR_A_TOV,
   (still have not found in FC-PH what is the time to wait for a basic
link service, it does say
    in FC-PH 21.1.2 "if the Sequence Initiator attempts to abort a
Sequence using ABTS and it detects a
    Sequence timeout (E_D_TOV) waiting for the ACK frame in response to
the ABTS, it
    shall...". Seems to me to should say "waiting for the BA_ACC or
BA_RJT frame in response
    to the ABTS". Does anyone know if this has been fixed in an
    Anyway, waiting 2xR_A_TOV (R_A_TOV is currently 10 seconds in the
profile) for a response
    to an REC or SRR is a bit long.
- Require the SCSI Target to implement the Read Buffered Data command
(or not)?
- Require the SCSI Target to only retransmit data from the relative
offset specified in the SRR
    (not from a relative offset smaller than that specified in the SRR
in order to be aligned in an
    appropriate boundry within the Target).
See ya next week.

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