Persistent Reservations Problems in SPC-2 r6 and r7

Ralph O. Weber ralphoweber at
Tue Feb 2 09:40:09 PST 1999

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It has come to my attention that I have failed to
incorporate 98-203r9 (Persistent Reservations) correctly
in SPC-2 revisions 6 and 7.  The specific error concerns
the Write Exclusive - Registrants Only and Exclusive
Access - Registrants Only reservations types.  SPC-2
revisions 6 and 7 indicate that these to types limit
write access to the initiator holding the reservation.
98-203r9 states that write access is limited to those
initiators that have registered with the device

SPC-2 revision 8 (which will appear within a couple
of weeks) will be corrected to conform with the
definition in the T10 approved 98-203r9 document.

My apologies for this error.


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