Quick arbitration questions

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You are looking at the correct version of SPI-3. You have found a few of the
many problems with QAS.


Section "QUICK ARBITRATION phase" has lots of problems. The
section as worded violates most asynchronous information transfer rules.
The initiator does not assert ATN until it gets ready to negate ACK, so the
target (and snoopers) cannot look at ATN on the assertion on ACK. The phase
lines are required to remain stable until after the REQ/ACK handshake is
complete, I hope QAS does not intend to violate this as well. The wording
should be (IMHO), the target shall negate the phase lines within one system
deskew delay after detecting the negation of ACK.

I know most of you have heard me harp on this before but I still do not see
how a device with a 32ns Async REQ/ACK filter is going to snoop an 8ns

2) first paragraph e) happens in parallel with first paragraph c)
and d)

3) Since e) is really in parallel with earlier steps the target would still
be driving BSY.

4) See answer to 1)

5) true

6) true

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Greetings, all!

These questions are based on SPI-3 revision 2 (16 Nov 1998).  If I
should be looking at a later revision, please let me know what revision
and how to get it.  Thanks very much.

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