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Hideki Takahashi hidy.takahashi at toshiba.co.jp
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This is Hideki Takahashi from Toshiba.

In the Write Protection model,
could you please change the following part?

Before change:
"In the case of DVD-RAM media, there is Media Specific Write Inhibition
It is controlled by Disc Type Identification field of the Lead-in physical
information. When a DVD-RAM medium is removed from the cartridge, and if
any recording 
is inhibited by the Disc Type Identification field, MSWI is set to active
status. See
4.14.14,"Write Protection of a disc" on page99."

After change: 
"In the case of DVD-RAM media, there is Media Specific Write Inhibition
See 4.14.14,"Write Protection of a disc" on page99." ?

I will prepare the document about the write-inhibit status in the RAM part.

Best Regards,

In message "Write Protection Model",
takeshi_kohda at post.pioneer.co.jp wrote...
>I have uploaded the revised Write Protection Model and related
>commands that were discussed at the December Mt.Fuji4 plenary meeting.
>The files are placed at the following FTP site:
>File names are:
>Wprtect.pdf   Write Protection Model
>Changer.pdf   MECHANISM STATUS Command
>Getcnfig.pdf  GET CONFIGURATION Command
>Rdvdstrc.pdf  READ DVD STRUCTURE Command
>Senddvd.pdf   SEND DVD STRUCTURE Command
>The newly changed portions to the current Mt.Fuji document
>are indicated by light blue color and change bars.
>Major revised items from the previous proposal are
>addition of Media Specific Write Inhibition status in
>Write Protection model and removal of PWP bit from the
>Because PWP is not a mechanism status but a disc status.
>If you have any comments, please respond to me or
>the reflector <mtfuji2 at dt.wdc.com> by Next weekend
>(December 17, Japan Time).
>I would like to know any idea widely.
>If there are no responses, these changes will be incorporated into
>the Mt.fuji4 Rev.0.8 draft document as is.
>Best Regards,
>Takeshi Kohda

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