Breaking a multiple type command sequence

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I believe your every wish has been fulfilled in rev 12 of SPI-3 which is on
the web site but has not been moved to the place where everyone can get at

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Subject:  Breaking a multiple type command sequence

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     I have some questions regarding the issue of breaking a multiple type
command sequence.

     Let's take a case where a target chip has the ability to accept, say,
commands in a high speed register file and, after receiving 4 multiple type
commands, would like to break out into  actions other than queue full (such
sending out staged data/status as Bill pointed out).  The reason queue full
not an option is that the queue is not managed real-time (i.e. could be
in firmware) and the queue may not be even close to full.  In order to
break a
sequence of multiple type command IUs, if we are required to send a STATUS
(w/ say a TASK SET FULL status) ONLY for the multiple commands just
then the target has to pause on the SCSI bus while the queue check is
(non-real time).  Also in case the target has alrady queued up data/status
the same initiator we dont want to pause while the target rearranges the
events to send TASK SET FULL first to break the sequence of multiple

     In this regard, the two SPI-3 clarifications/changes that we would
to see are the following:

1. The target is allowed to transition at the end of a
command multiple to any of these options:
     (so that we can send out the TASK SET FULL on a future bus connection
      for these command multiples received)

   - SPI L-Q followed by Data IU
   - SPI L_Q followed by Status IU
     (w/ status other than QUEUE FULL for some other L_Q for the same

   - continue w/ receiving Command IUs from initiator

2. There is no restriction on when or if a TASK SET FULL
status is sent for any of the commands received on this
or any previous bus connection (as long as the data for
the command has not started).  Target can send TASK
SET FULL for L_Qs other than the ones received from the
initiator during the existing DT DATA OUT (CMD IU) phase
and may defer sending the TASK SET FULL STATUS IU
(if required) for the current stream of multiple commands
to a future bus connection w/ the same initiator.



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