What if there is no Process Login?

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at EBay.Sun.COM
Thu Dec 16 13:38:46 PST 1999

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This works okay once a device has been identified as a SCSI device by
the Process Login.  However, before that time, it is not a SCSI device
and it is under no obligation to generate an FCP_RSP or to accept an
FCP_CMND.  This is really an FC-FS problem and should probably have
one of the FC-FS responses I have described.  Does that seem right?


>From: "David Deming" <ddeming at scruznet.com>
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>Subject: Re: What if there is no Process Login?
>Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 13:09:14 -0800
>Here is my 2 cents.
>Option one.
>The device simply return a Check Condition status with new ASC & ASCQ codes
>stating something like "device not properly logged in".
>Option two:
>The device return the obsoleted "Command Terminated" status code (0x22)
>that nobody used due to lack of implementation. This option seems more
>simple for device driver coders because they only need to check the status
>> From: Bob Snively <Bob.Snively at EBay.Sun.COM>
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>> Subject: What if there is no Process Login?
>> Date: Thursday, December 16, 1999 11:03 AM
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>> Well, if you are talking to a disk drive, it should be a simple block
>> of aluminum with a non-descript NL_Port attached.  Similarly for an
>> initiator, although the block of aluminum may weigh a bit more.
>> However, what that really means is not covered in FCP-2.  Here is my
>> FCP-2 centric answer to the question, which will go in T10/99-325r2
>> unless someone has a better idea:
>> 	8.4  Behavior if no PRLI
>> 	FCP-2 does not say what to do when PRLI has not been done to a
>> 	device and an FCP command is sent out to it.
>> 	FC-PLDA section 9.7 specifies that the responder should send
>> 	back a logout and discard the command.  This is not an FC-PH
>> 	compliant action, and needs to be fixed up.  
>> 	There are actually two cases of interest. If the devices
>> 	support implicit PRLI, then the FCP command is expected to be
>> 	accepted and executed normally.  If the devices do not support
>> 	implicit PRLI, the target device first needs to clean up the
>> 	exchange by sending back a P_RJT indicating "Login required".
>> 	An additional P_RJT code of "Process Login Required" may also
>> 	be needed.  Whoever is most interested, the recipient or the
>> 	originator, should then perform the appropriate login and
>> 	continue operation.
>> 	This is an FC-FS problem and not an FCP-2 problem. It seems
>> 	pretty clearly implied by of FC-FS.
>> 	To be proposed for FC-FS, if approved by e-mail.

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