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I've just sent to John L. the latest revisions of the Access
Controls proposals.  Included are
1) 99-245r3 which contains a lot of specific changes as
   requested during the teleconference last Nov. but still
   includes the "element" based access controls with a
   modified and simplified model.
   As there has been no great show of support for such
   access control granularity, there is also...
2) 99-245r4 which is identical to r3 but has the "element"
   stuff removed.  This is the proposal for discussion in
   Jan.  I'm archiving r3 in the event that if someone wants
   to resurrect subLU access controls in a way which
   simply extends the LU-only version, there is a
   documented proposal on the books.
3) 99-314r1 with proposed ASC/ASCQs for Access
   Control check conditions.

I expect these documents will show up on the ftp site
very soon.
Jim Hafner

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