What if there is no Process Login?

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> You can't send P_RJT in class 3.  That is why PLDA came up with the
> "discard
> and send a PRLO".  I disagree with the statement that this is not "PH
> compliant". Section 15.12.1 of FS describes operation of PRLO and it
> says
> "following PRLO execution, all active Sequences are terminated by
> invoking
> Abort Sequence (ABTS) protocol."  So, in the scenario in question:
> - Initiator sends FCP_CMND to target without a PRLI
> - Target receives the command, detects no PRLI and sends PRLO
>   (no rules in PH about when you may send PRLO - PLDA added this
> behavioral
> rule to fill in this gap).
> - Initiator receives the PRLO and (following PH rules) sends ABTS to
> cleanup
> the FCP_CMND exchange.
>   (note PH is not specific as to which port shall initiate the ABTS -
> following normal FCP behavior I believe the initiator should - he sent
> the
> CMD).
> So, since PRLI behavior is an FC-4 specific thing, I believe 
> this IS an
> FCP-2 issue and it should be solved the same way PLDA did.
> (if it ain't broke......)


I agree with Charles.

- js

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