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> I am proposing the following changes in FCP-2, to be documented in
> T10/99-325r2.  Please review, and indicate if you disagree with this
> approach.
> 8.5 Consideration of resets
> [text deleted....]
> I believe that an appropropiate note should be included in FCP-2
> revision 4, associated with the clearing table, to specify that FLOGI
> has no clearing effect on any parameters if none of the path-defining 
> parameters change.
> ****** cb comments *********
> I agree.  However, to clarify and add a few details I'd say the
> following:
> - If point-to-point topology:
>   - If (FLOGI or FLOGI ACC received) && (WWPN || WWNN are 
> different than
> previous connected port)
>     then clear login state and everything under that hierarchy.

(JDS) In a point-to-point topology, FLOGI is only an 'oops'
on the way to a PLOGI with the other port, so this "If"
seems unnecessary...

> - For FLA or fabric attach topologies:
>   - if FLOGI ACC received (WWPN || WWNN are different than previous
> connected (F_port)
>     then send explicit LOGO to all logged in N_Ports and perform
> corresponding clearing of parameters.
> If none of the above are true, then FLOGI or FLOGI ACC have 
> no effect on
> any
> exchanges or FCP SCSI states.

(JDS) I think the FLA rules sum it up pretty well - I suggest
using those would be the best idea (ref FLA TR-20 clauses
5.6 and 7.4).

> Note, the "send explicit LOGO" idea comes directly from the third
> paragraph
> under 23.5.3 (PH 4.3).  PH also says the port should wait 
> doing the explicit LOGO.
> ******** end cb comments **********

yup! - js

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