Consideration of resets, FCP-2

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I am proposing the following changes in FCP-2, to be documented in
T10/99-325r2.  Please review, and indicate if you disagree with this

8.5 Consideration of resets

The clearing table is unclear about some reset actions. The example
that was raised asks what happens to an image pair when FLOGI is
performed to one of the ports holding an image. Does FLOGI perform a
reset of the image pair?

Using the general principle that the FLOGI, PLOGI, and PRLI form a
hierarchy of function, each based on the previous, an FLOGI would clear
all higher level logins, including both PLOGI and PRLI. Note that this
may not be too meaningful, since the FLOGI only is initiated by one
device to its fabric and will not be observable by the partner devices.
As a result, it would know from the response of the FLOGI whether or
not its associations with other N_Ports would be disrupted or not. As a
result, it is not clear that FLOGI will actually be required to clear
images unless the FLOGI returns a new N_Port identifier to the device
performing the FLOGI.

I believe that an appropropiate note should be included in FCP-2
revision 4, associated with the clearing table, to specify that FLOGI
has no clearing effect on any parameters if none of the path-defining 
parameters change.

Review by e-mail, then accept if approved.

to be done in revision 04, if accepted.

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