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I copy the reflector in case error as is human:

<<I think I know what you mean.  If a target has multiple logical units, a
REPORT LUNS command could be directed to LUN 0 to discover the other LUNs?>>


<<If the target only has one logical unit, it has to be LUN 0?>>


<<New question:  Does SCSI-3 support the notion of a target with no logical

     Maybe. Somewhere there is the capability to report LUN types supported but
not present. I don't think you can actually get that valid response without
addressing a LUN. I suspect that you determine it by various bad responses from
the logical unitless target. Earlier versions of SCSI (e.g. SCSI-2) had more
target orientation/functionality and may have some hooks for this. Warning this
answer is suspected of being error prone since it is from an employee of a
company that has no instances of logical unitless targets. Perhaps Ralph will
apply error correction.


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