What I'm going to do for the name server extension for FCP-2

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at EBay.Sun.COM
Wed Dec 15 12:39:09 PST 1999

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Is there anything I have missed here?  

New rev of T10/99-325r2:

"The result of the December meeting discussion is that Jeff Stai will
define in FC-GS-3 a type specific name server port object. FCP-2 will define
that name server object as a control header, containing "Target" and
"Initiator" bits and the SCSI INQUIRY command data for targets. An
additional proposal may be forthcoming on this question."


I would propose that the payload of the type specific object request should 

	Type (in case there are more than one types for that port) (1 byte)
	Port identifier						   (3 bytes)
I would propose that the payload of the type specific object response
should include, by anology with the symbolic port name:

	Type specific object Length (m)				    (1 byte)
	Type specific flags 					    (3 bytes)
	Type specific object					    (m bytes)
	Reserved 						(255-m bytes)

The field would be a constant length of 260 bytes.

For FCP-2, the type specific flags would include bits for:

	"permanent initiator"
	"temporary initiator"
The type specific object would be the LUN 0 INQUIRY data, truncated to
255 bytes if required.

Requests for a type not supported would return a CT_RJT (which may not
be defined yet).

Requests for a supported type where the information was not available would
return a type specific object length of 0 in the 260 byte response.

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