Packetized L_Q IU type field changes

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>Maybe I am missing something, but the target doesn't have to break the
>command' stream with a QUEUE FULL status. Can't it just accept one multiple
>command SPI L_Q, accept the command packet, then disconnect if it doesn't want
>to take any more commands?

I thought so too but the note that George pointed out earlier prevents this
It turns out there are holes in this note with messages so I think the way to
clean it up is to remove the note.

> The more difficult case occurs with even a 'last
>command' SPI L_Q when the target can't accept even one command, therefore it
>must return QUEUE FULL status.
>I agree that if the initiator can tolerate a sequence of:
>(a) outbound SPI L_Q with command type,
>(b) inbound SPI L_Q with status type,
>(c) inbound status packet with QUEUE FULL status;
>then a sequence where the inbound status packet is CHECK CONDITION (because
>target sees an illegal SPI L_Q packet) should also be allowed.

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