Packetized L_Q IU type field changes

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> Mark,
> Breaking the stream of commands to send a status is definitely allowed. The
> note and figure allow that to happen along with the text your referenced.

	Just to clarify this again; the "1" superscript in Fig. 56 (SPI-3 
rev.11) applies ONLY to the SPI L_Q/DATA portion of the words in paranthesis 
right?  So like u said the target can send status to break a stream of multiple 
commands.  But my question is this:  Words in subclause 14.3.1 say 
	"After transferring all the SPI command information unit bytes the 
target shall change to a DT DATA IN phase and transmit a SPI status information 
unit with the status defined in the SCSI Architecture Model-2 standard for this 
	After reading SAM-2 I understand that the target can send either a TASK 
SET FULL or a BUSY.  Is this right?  Or is the target restricted to return only 
a TASK SET FULL status?
	Please clarify,


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