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Mon Dec 13 15:09:12 PST 1999

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I'm about to complete the promised revision for the
Access Controls proposal (99-245r3).   The major
changes are
1) tighter language on the affects a change in ACLs
will have on other commands in the task manager
2) methods for resetting the device to its factory
unconstrained state.
3) REMOVAL of all references to elements for
medium changers so that all access controls will
only be at the logical unit level.

I plan to leave the PROXY stuff in there still.  I'll also
try to leave room for elements in case there is need
to add them later.

Unless I hear otherwise on this reflector or in direct
e-mail (or phone) in the next two days, expect a new
draft by the end of the week which implements the
above changes.

Jim Hafner
hafner at

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