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NCITS has put the American National Standard Dictionary of Information
Technology (ANSDIT) online at:


I encourage you to look at this document -- I think it would benefit from
additional definitions from the I/O interface community.  For example, our
usage of the word 'skew' is not quite the same as hole skew on a paper
tape.  Does anyone still use paper tapes?!?


>WASHINGTON DC -- December 13, 1999 -- A working draft of the Millennial
>Edition of American National Standard Dictionary of Information Technology
>(ANSDIT) is now available on the Web.  Karen Higginbottom, Chairman of
>NCITS, announced that the National Committee for Information Technology
>Standards (NCITS) released the first "Draft" of the Millennial Edition of
>the ANSDIT for public use.  It is available on the Web at
>http://www.ncits.org (click on Draft Dictionary).  This hypertext version of
>the dictionary can be browsed.  "The ANSDIT is a valuable resource that
>NCITS felt should be made available to the public throughout its
>development," noted Ms. Higginbottom. 
>This draft was prepared by the members of NCITS K5 and Gene Dwyer, Project
>Editor for NCITS Technical Committee K5 (Vocabulary).   It is based on the
>1996 Edition of the American National Standard X3-172 of the same name,
>which evolved over the last 30 years.  Several hundred entries are being
>added prior to the official public review, which is expected to begin in the
>second half of the year 2000.
>The draft currently contains approximately 2,800 entries ranging from
>abbreviated address calling to zooming, with some 70 illustrations, covering
>many areas of information technology, such as artificial intelligence,
>computer programming, computer hardware, data communications, virtual
>reality, and the World Wide Web. Readers are encouraged to comment on its
>content by e-mail to the Chairman of K5, Helmut E. Thiess at
>hthiess at erols.com.  Readers wishing to join K5 should go to
>For additional information on NCITS and any of its activities, please
>contact Monica Vago at 202-626-5739 or mvago at itic.org. 
>NCITS is sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). ITI
>is the association of leading U.S. providers of information technology
>products and services. It advocates growing the economy through innovation
>and supports free-market policies. ITI members had worldwide revenue of more
>than $440 billion in 1998 and employ more than 1.2 million people in the
>United States. 

>The National Committee for Information Technology Standards is an ANSI
>Accredited Committee which develops American National  Standards for
>Information Technology. 
>NCITS's mission is to produce market-driven, voluntary consensus standards
>in the areas of: 
>        multimedia (MPEG/JPEG), 
>        intercommunication among computing devices and information systems
>(including the Information Infrastructure, SCSI-2 
>        interfaces, Geographic Information Systems), 
>        storage media (hard drives, removable cartridges), 
>        database (including SQL3), 
>        security, and 
>        programming languages (such as C++). 
>NCITS' membership is comprised of many IT-related companies such as Apple
>Computer, AT&T, Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard,  Lucent Technologies,
>Sony, Sun Microsystems and Xerox Corporation. Many IT corporate users such
>as DOD and NIST also participate. 

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