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Thu Dec 9 01:05:48 PST 1999

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I have uploaded the revised Write Protection Model and related
commands that were discussed at the December Mt.Fuji4 plenary meeting.

The files are placed at the following FTP site:


File names are:
Wprtect.pdf   Write Protection Model
Changer.pdf   MECHANISM STATUS Command
Getcnfig.pdf  GET CONFIGURATION Command
Rdvdstrc.pdf  READ DVD STRUCTURE Command
Senddvd.pdf   SEND DVD STRUCTURE Command

The newly changed portions to the current Mt.Fuji document
are indicated by light blue color and change bars.

Major revised items from the previous proposal are
addition of Media Specific Write Inhibition status in
Write Protection model and removal of PWP bit from the
Because PWP is not a mechanism status but a disc status.

If you have any comments, please respond to me or
the reflector <mtfuji2 at dt.wdc.com> by Next weekend
(December 17, Japan Time).
I would like to know any idea widely.

If there are no responses, these changes will be incorporated into
the Mt.fuji4 Rev.0.8 draft document as is.

Best Regards,
Takeshi Kohda

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