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Action items from 2 November 1999 Meeting of the Joint T10/T11.3 Activity
Group at Seaside California. 

Stewart Wyatt Secretary

Deferred Action Items

#1. Charles Binford, LSI Logic. Refer default E_D_TOV issue to FC_FS. Prefer
a 2 second to 10 second for point to point connections.

#2. Charles Binford, LSI Logic. Propose a new RESP_CODE 0x06: Command
cleared by another initiator. Take new status code to SAM-2. Ongoing

New Action Items

#1 Dale LaFollette, STK. Prepare agenda for the January T10 meeting in

#2 Bob Snively, SUN Microsystems. Facilitate and take minutes for the
January 2000 Joint Activity meeting in Australia.

#3 Bob Snively, SUN Microsystems. Investigate whether it is appropriate to
include the discovery ELS (RTIN and RNID) in the list of ELS to be accepted
before completing login.

#4 Bob Snively, SUN Microsystems. Move the diagrams of Annex C into clause
11, making them a normative example.

#5 Bob Snively, SUN Microsystems. Verify the multiple of 4 byte block length
change is acceptable for both the SSC-2 and FCP-2 by posting a proposal to
the reflector and bringing it up at the SCSI plenary.

#6 Dave Peterson and Dal Allan. Review the current FCP-2 for limitations to
out-of-order error recovery implementations.

#7. Bob Snively. Identify the problems with allowing unlimited process
associators and prepare a review.

#8 Dave Peterson. Review Annex E SCSI Device Discovery Procedure, to
determine what the differences are for target and initiator requirements

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