Clarification on the use of Type 3 in the Device Identification P

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In the SPC specification under the Device identification page for the
inquiry command (section 8.4.3) there is a table (Table 111) that defines
the identifier types.  For type 3 it states the following:

"The identifier field contains a FC-PH 64 bit Node_Identifier field as
defined in X3.230-1994."

I interpret this as only valid for a Fibre Channel device since it states
that this is a FC-PH 64 bit Node_Identifier field as defined in X3.230-1994
(Note: X3.230-1994 defines the Fibre Channel interface physical layer).

Is it also valid to use this type for a parallel SCSI device?  If you
believe this to be true, then do you also agree that this should be defined
in a common document instead of an interface specific document?

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