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FC-TAPE Participants,

As a reminder, here are the action items from last months meeting (Joint
T11/T10 TAPE AdHoc Meeting, August 4, 1999, Rochester, MN.)


Stewart Wyatt, FC-TAPE Secretary

Old forwarded action items

#1. Eric Oetting - to collect issues from the SCC letter ballot comments for
the SPC-2. - Deferred until next month.
#2. Stephen Gold (Stewart Wyatt) HP: Resolve IBM letter ballot comments on
TapeAlert. - Ongoing 
#3. Bob Snively and Bob Kembel: Create a list of the specific BLS and ELS
which are allowed before Login including explicit Login in an annex for
later placement in the FC-FS. - Ongoing
#4. Bob Snively: Review the SRR statement, it may not be flexible enough for
the target. SRR must be properly interpreted in context and command known by
the target. "Nasty case is did the transfer ready or the or response (to an
error) get hit." Deferred
#5. Bob Snively: Return clause 2.8 to previous text. - Deferred
#6. Bob Snively: Change Table 2 - Discovery of FCP capabilities entry
"Initiator performs REC", Discovery mechanism needs to be changed from
"None/Process Login" to "See References". - Deferred
#7. Dave Peterson and group: Extend current document to cover LIP discovery
process. Participants asked to communicate concerns to Dave. - Ongoing
#8. Carl Zeitler: Review need for process associators. - Due in October.

New Action Items

#1. HP (Steve Jerman/Sid Crighton): Continue MAM discussion. Post
presentation made today. Contact Ralph Weber about including MAM in the
SPC-2. Make presentation to SCSI working group next month. Resolve issues
with Sony AIT per Joe Breher's concerns. Determine need, if any, for content
to be placed in the SSC.
#2. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #006) LUN reset should be added to the
table 3. 
#3. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #007) FCP actions should only affect
FCP exchanges. 
#4. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #014 and #015) Check to see that Bus
Inactivity limit and  Disconnect time limit are specified consistently with
other SCSI standards.
#5. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #022) Define what a target shall do
when it receives a ABTS. 
#6. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #027) Check wording to see that REC
data is counted is over an exchange not a sequence.
#7. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #029) Optional error recovery
procedures need to be clearly marked. The requirements for using error
recovery procedures in class 3 need to be clearly specified for disk drives.
A target may request an FCP_CONF at its disgression.
#8. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #033) Target must use valid RX_ID (<>
FFFFh) when using FCP_CONF.
#9. Bob Snively: (Binford FCP comment #018) Add a default value for RR_TOV
for non REC_TOV error recovery.
#10. Bob Snively: Binford FCP comments #008, using WWN for reservations, and
#010, title for Confirmed Completion Allowed, appeared to be unresolved
without specific action items. In addition the proposal by Jim Coomes to
clarify the DSA field appeared unresolved as well as a proposal to rename it
more appropriately.

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