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Hi Dave, 

Here are some editorial comments on the SSC rev 18


Stewart Wyatt


SSC Revision 18 review

page ix, Introduction, a space is needed between the first and second
paragraphs or there is an extra carriage return in the paragraph.

page 1, third line from bottom "shows" should be "show"

page 4, Clause 3.1.8 initiator definition, "An SCSI device" should be "A
SCSI device". 3.1.10 page definition, remove space between last word "code"
and period.

page 6, clause 3.4 Conventions. The first sentence states that lower case is
used for words having the normal English meaning. The second sentence states
that other words have a specific meaning in this standard. In other
standards words with specific meanings have the first word capitalized. If
that is the case here then the second sentence needs correction. If it is
not the case then the first sentence is meaningless.

pages 7  through 10. In the first paragraph clause 4.2, Physical models, the
media exists between two "pools". In clause 5.1.1, beginning-of-media
definition, the media is stored in a "reel". In clause 5.1.18, tape
definition, the media is stored on a "hub". In the fourth line from the
bottom of page 10 the media is stored in a "reel hub".  While this may be
nitpicking, I think the term "reel" is more specific than the term "hub" and
is the preferable term. I think the document should be consistent in the use
of terms. "Pools" of media brings to mind a failure in the take up system of
my VCR where all of the media ends up in a "pool" on the ground or wrapped
up inside of the mechanism and is ruined. 

page 15, clause 5.2.6, I fail to understand the significance of the second
sentence. Is the second write command untagged? In revision 17, immediate
writes were part of the discussion.

page 30, middle of the page "(see and5.4.3.4.)" missing a space.

page 68, second line, missing space "limitsto".

page 69, last paragraph, third sentence has problems: "An INTERVAL TIMER
value of When this field is set to non-zero." I think the "An INTERVAL TIMER
value of " is a cut and paste error and should be deleted. 

page 70, sixth line, change "When the REPORT COUNT field is set to
non-zero..." to "When the REPORT COUNT field is not set to zero..."

page 70, second indented paragraph, first line, change "When a MODE SELECT
command is sent with the TEST bit is set to one.." to "When a MODE SELECT
command is sent with the test bit set to one.." (remove second "is"). Last
two sentences "Illegal Request" and "Invalid Field in Parameter List" should
be in all caps (at least they are in other places in the document).  Table
48, in the description for Generate UNIT ATTENTION, Inquiry and Request
Sense should be in all caps. This problem is in most of the descriptions. 

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