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Thanks for pointing out the error in SCC-2. There is little we can do about the
ANSI version of SCC-2 but we do have a optunity to fix the ISO version of SCC-2.

Would you add an aggenda item to the plenary to discuss the removing the
additional bytes in the Report Unconfigured Capacity service action and the

Bye for now,
George Penokie

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"Peterson, Gary" <gpeterson at> on 08/16/99 03:12:18 PM

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Subject:  SCC-2 typo

In SCC-2, rev 4, section, page 78, table 52 (Report Unconfigured
Capacity service action),
CDB bytes 6-9 are listed twice.

I assume the correct format is:
     0    opcode
     1    service action
     2-5       reserved
     6-9       allocation length
     10   reserved
     11   control byte

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