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At the last meeting of T1 we voted approval of the DIS based upon a
discussion of the changes that had been made from the ANS. We did this
since the DIS was expected to be issued soon and I thought it would be
issued as a FDIS with a short ballot period. The ballot period turned out
not to be short. Consequently I will not be submitting our already approved
ballot until the Secretariat has established US TAG due dates.

The DIS has been uploaded to the ftp/web site for anyone that may want to
review. While we do not have a default ballot process per se, our rules
will allow us to have a virtual default ballot closing on an upcoming T10
meeting. The specific meeting will be determined by the eventual US TAG due

The document number and URL are attached.


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I've assigned 99-237r0 to the file.  The URL is:



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