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     Subject:  T10 and SFF Y2K Meeting

The information on how to get to the Surfers Paradise Marriott is missing 
|from the meeting announcement, and that will be corrected.

Surfers is an hour south of the airport by freeway but I recommend against 
climbing out of the plane and driving on the other side of the road. Your 
reaction time is slower than usual and your natural instinct to avoid 
trouble will put you on the wrong side of the road. 

It is wise to remember that Australians are very impatient drivers and you 
need to behave as if you are driving during the 24th hour of Le Mans. The 
Brisbane drivers are more mellow than Sydney drivers, which is a break. 

If there are a few of your arriving at the same time, you can get a private 
limo to take you to Surfers: 

     A$115 - standard vehicle up to 4 passengers (if there is beaucoup 
             luggage, plan on only 3 passengers)
     A$180 - stretch limo up to 7 passengers (if there is beaucoup 
             luggage, plan on only 3 passengers)
     A$ 29 - Airport Shuttle bus which runs fairly frequently from 
             the airport. You go to the Coachtrans desk upon arrival 
             to purchase a ticket and wait for the next bus.

I am hunting down phone numbers for the above alternatives, as it is always 
a help to nail things down as early as possible. 

Have you made your reservation yet? 

If not, best jump to it because there is no space available after the ENDL 
block has been filled. The millenium fever has filled hotels all along the 
East coast. 

All the best,

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