Long CDB and other FCP-2 changes

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Ebay.Sun.COM
Fri Apr 30 07:47:40 PDT 1999

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The FCP-2 command block had placed all the CDB information together,
resulting in a CDB length-dependent location for FCP_DL.  At the last
meeting, there was an evident preference for a fixed location for
FCP_DL, which will place the additional CDB content after the FCP_DL

This is expressed in the "changes to FCP-2 rev 1 which will go into FCP-2 
rev 2" document, T10/99-168, which will be discussed at the FC-TAPE/FCP-2
meeting next week.


It is also discussed in the update of the "Long CDB proposal" T10/99-158r4,
which will also be considered at various SCSI meetings next week:



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