Cross-reference on MATED Signals in SPI-3

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SPI-3 annex C provides the physical descriptions and usage guidelines for
the SCA-2 see Single Connector Attachments (SCA-2), EIA-700A0AE and SCA-2
Unshielded Connections, SFF-8451. This was originally an SFF document but
was incorporated into SPI.

A question has come up regarding a cross-reference contained in that annex
which I cannot answer.  The question is what MODE SELECT operation is being
referenced in the following two statements that come from SPI-3 rev 4
section C.1.7.3.

a) The SCSI device may optionally perform a spin-down operation. This
option is controlled by a MODE SELECT operation.
b) The SCSI device may optionally transfer any cached information to the
media. This option is controlled by a MODE SELECT operation.

It is not at all obvious as to what is been cross-referenced. If anyone
knows what is being cross-referenced  please let me know. If no one can
tell me specifically what is being cross-referenced I plan on asking the
SCSI committee to delete those cross references.

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