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<<I have several questions about SBP-2 spec.  Would you please give me some 
detailed explanations for TRANSPORT FAILURE for sbp_status?  I think it is 
redundant, since it is 1394 stuff.  When will it be used?>>

Imagine that the SBP-2 target is unsuccessful in its attempts to store data 
in the initiator's memory (e.g., a READ request). The failures of the Serial 
Bus block write transactions are, as you say, "1394 stuff". But how does the 
target report the overall failure of the ORB (and its encapsulated READ 
command) back to the initiator? This is where TRANSPORT FAILURE is to be used.

<<Another question for REQUEST COMPLETE for sbp_status: When will it report 
"Function rejected" ?  Do we need to check "function" field in the ORB in 
order to determine if the function values are valid. When will it report 
"Request type not supported"? Do we need to check "rq_fmt" filed in order to 
determine if it is valid?>>


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