FC-Tape connector proposal

Pak Lung Seto Paklung.Seto at quantum.com
Thu Apr 8 08:10:51 PDT 1999

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* Pak Lung Seto <Paklung.Seto at quantum.com>
I support to create a new FC-Tape 68 pin connector but I strongly against to
swap the Tx and Rx signals in the existing 8067 signal assignment.

It is not easy to layout Gb signals on the PC broad, but it is also
difficult to wire the pad of the die to the package.  For companies (e.g.
Quantum) will only make one FC chip for both disk and tape.  We have to
design the package (it is almost like a custom designed package) optimized
for the signal assignment for 8067 and the same package (actually the same
chip/die) will be used for both disk and tape.  If FC_TAPE connector signal
assignment is different from disk, it will force us and other companies to
make two different packages and may be two different die, one for disk and
one for tape, eventhough it is functionally the same.

Since the Tx and Rx signal is already screwed up, I don't see any real
reason to fix it in FC-TAPE.  I will support to add the additional power and
tape signals around the existing 8067 signals to create a new FC-TAPE
connector.  Also, the existing 3.3V pins may be reused for other functions
in the near future for both disk and tape.

Pak Seto
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