A doubt in Command Reset!!!

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Tue Apr 6 06:34:53 PDT 1999

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Hi ,

I have a query regarding a write to RESET_START register (CSR register). 
Actually a write to a RESET_START register causes a command reset. 
According to IEEE 1394 std. 1995 sec: pg : 205
"A write to RESET_START reg in cable environment shall not cause a reset of the PHY Layer nor a bus reset."

But the standard is not clear about 
a) should the node reinitialize the transaction layer too.
b) or it does reinitialization of applications above transaction layer
   which could be SBP-2 implementation, IP over 1394 implementation etc.

This Query arises when we read SBP-2 draft which states that if
a write to RESET_START register comes from one of the nodes that is
*NOT* currently logged-in initiators, the node shall ignore the command reset request. 

Assume a scenario where we have two applications running over a 
OHCI Device Driver, one being SBP-2 and other being IP over 1394.
A valid initiator node(peer SBP-2) initiates a command reset of 
a particular node, then if the transaction layer is to be reinitialized
then it affects the other application also, namely IP over 1394.

How do we overcome this scenario ?

Eagerly awaiting a reply.

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