Draft minutes of SCSI Working Group - 9/16/98

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At 9/24/98 05:22 PM, Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
>Regarding 5.1:
>     The minutes may be accurate but I do not understand <<Snively
>questioned the possibility that multiple paths between initiators and
>targets might become a part of SAM-2.  Ralph stated a belief that such will
>not be the result.>> Sorry to argue with myself, I do understand it. But
>for those not participating directly it would be helpful had Ralph gone on
>to say "although SAM-2 is intended to document optional multiple paths
>between initiators and task servers." Did he say that?

Those words did not come out of Ralph's mouth and Ralph says that he had no
intention of saying those words.  Ralph plans to document multiple ports,
not multiple paths.

>Regarding 6.2:
><< The group reviewed the history of the problem.>> Should go on to say
>"and took no action at this meeting" or "and deferred any action pending
>resolution of whether or not there was still support for completing HAP"?

I added the following sentence to this item: "Since this issue will become
moot should the HAP project be dropped (see next item), no further action
was taken."

>Regarding 6.5:
><<Bob Snively reported that there no new information is available regarding
>FCP-2.>> Did he really? If so it should be "Bob Snively reported that there
>no new information is available regarding FCP-2." "But I though he said an
>initial draft has not yet been generated." That is information.

The key word in the sentence is "new".  I've deleted a spurious "there".
The item now reads:

"Bob Snively reported that no new information is available regarding FCP-2.
 He indicated that he still hopes to have a revision 0 of FCP-2 ready by
the end of September, but not in time for the next committee mailing."

This is the same information that was reported in July.

Thanks for your comments!

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