Draft minutes of SPI-3 Working Group - 9/15/98

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Mon Sep 28 13:03:34 PDT 1998

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I have included your comments in rev 1 of the SPI-3 minutes.  Your email
included some questions that I would like to respond to here:

>Regarding 4.12.
>     The minutes are correct and no change is necessary. But for this item
>at the November meeting I want to point out that we have now accepted into
>SPI-3 two proposals for the use of the previously reserved two SCSI bus
>phases. A recommendation is needed to remove this conflict. I suspect the
>editor intends to or may already have removed the conflict but I think
>there should be a recorded vote. If I recall incorrectly please provide a
>pointer to the appropriate minutes.

I believe George plans to fix this conflict in rev 1.  I know we discussed
how this could be accomplished at the May T10 meetings, but I am pretty
sure no motions were taken.  Assuming George does indeed fix the problem in
rev 1, I would argue that a motion accepting rev 1 as the working draft for
SPI-3 would be sufficient.  I agree that we do need to clear up this
conflict ASAP.

>Regarding 4.15
><<A straw poll favored further consideration of the proposal 11:6.>>
>     Is this correct? I recalled that there was a vote sufficient to
>motivate the proposer to abandon the proposal.

The abandonment came the next day.


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