Persistent Reservations Service Actions

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Fri Sep 25 15:56:06 PDT 1998

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} If we have done this correctly (and I know of no place where we
} have not) this is a simple and perfect subset of the original SPC-2
} that obsoletes functions that were originally included for symmetry
} but were never required by any persistent reservation implementations.

... never required by any persistent reservation implementations

As I was reminded in regards to a certain Standard Inquiry data bit,
SPC is a published standard that defines all the capabilities that
the committee is in the process of discarding and/or rendering
obsolete in this 'subset' of the SPC capabilities.  The committee's
duty to those who read the published standard but do not attend
the meetings is to make changes that preserve published behavior
or make the differences obvious to entities implemented against
the published standard.

Changing the service action codes is one way to discharge the
committee's duty.  In terms of resources accessible to SPC-2,
it is a low-cost option.  There may be other options, I do not
claim to have exhausted the list.


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