SPC-2 Revision 5

Ralph O. Weber ralphoweber at csi.com
Thu Sep 24 10:41:11 PDT 1998

* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
* "Ralph O. Weber" <ralphoweber at csi.com>
I have placed SPC-2 revision 5 on the FTP site in


SPC-2 revision 5 includes all changes approved by T10, including
those changes approved by the September Plenary meeting.

Please think about the proposals pending for SPC-2 so that we can
establish a list of those proposals that must be completed and
incorporated in SPC-2 prior to forwarding.  The completion of the
RBC work suggests that now would be a good time to forward SPC-2.
It's time to bound the inclusion of new work in SPC-2 and start
the project proposal for SPC-3.



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