Persistent Reservations Service Actions

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Wed Sep 23 06:30:34 PDT 1998

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Persistent reservations are defined in SPC,
a published ANSI standard.  Proposal 98-203
substantially changes the operation of persistent
reservations.  If 98-203 is approved, several
reservation types will be made obsolete and the
number of reservations per LUN will be reduced
|from one per initiator to just plain one.

In consideration of these substantial changes,
I believe that all service action codes on the
commands documented in SPC must be made obsolete
in SPC-2.  98-203 should propose specific, new
(previously reserved) service action codes to
the functions it defines.

I believe changing the service action code values
is critical to representing properly the magnitude
of the changes proposed in 98-203.  Furthermore,
changing the service action codes is the only
way to coordinate the initiator and target views
of the functions being performed, there being no
effective version in the SCSI command sets.



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