Loading on LVD/SE buffer

Sanjay_Goyal sgoyal at duettech.com
Mon Sep 7 11:18:45 PDT 1998

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Hi SCSI experts,
 We are designing a PCI-SCSI LVD card. We need to generate netlist and sdf file
 for post-synthesis timing analysis. 
 For that we just wanted to know what is the maximum load value seen practically
 at the LVD output buffers.  
 We also would like to know whether we should generate separate sdf files for
 SE and LVD buffers, as SCSI buffers may have different delays in SE and LVD 
 If anybody is willing to share his/her experties, this will help us a lot. And
 we know there are people out here who want to share their experties.
 hoping to hear soon
 Sanjay Goyal
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