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Dear Ron and MMC members,

I have reviewed the MMC-2 Rev.8.0.

1) Consistency with Mt.Fuji document.
I have heard that T10 has 'embraced' all of the 80xx ATAPI documents and incorporated 
them into the SCSI-3 MMC-2 draft.

The latest version of Mt.Fuji3 document (it has not been an SFF document yet) has 
been released as Revision 0.90 on October 6th. The document can be downloaded from 
Rob Sims's web site ( The specification has been 
changed and becomes almost final (it will be discussed in the next Mt.Fuji meeting on 

But current version of MMC-2 specification is not in consistency with the Mt.Fuji3 
document (especially GET EVENT STATUS NORTIFICATION command). I propose that MMC-2 
SWG should review the Mt.Fuji3 document and next revision of MMC-2 specification 
should 'embrace' Mt.Fuji3 document.

2) Persistent Prevent
The key feature of the Mt.Fuji specification is 'Morphing' as you know. And the 
'Morphing' technique is build based on 'Persistent Prevent' function.

The current MMC-2 document says the 'Persistent Prevent' function is defined in 
SPC-2. But I have never see the 'Persistent Prevent' discussion in SPC-2.

If the function is not available, the 'Morphing' feature becomes 'a castle built on 
sand'. I would like to know the current situation within T10 activities regarding 
this feature.

3) Consistency with SPC-2
There are a lot of new additional sense code and qualifier in the MMC-2 document e.g. 
regarding Copy protection key exchange. But the ASC/ASCQ is not defined in SPC-2.

Also, new commands are going to be defined. It should be described in SPC-2 Operation 
code table.

Best Regards,

Takaharu Ai
Osaka, Japan
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