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> The QAS conditions (nearly states) become muddled in the last two rows.
> When the last row is reached, connection established, there is now a
> current target and a current initiator but the matrix is blank in those
> columns.

After the release of BSY by the "current target", the "current target" and
"currentinitiator" cease to be current. Perhaps a better heading for these
columns would
be "disconnecting target" and "disconnecting initiator".

> The QAS enabled targets and initiators columns should be back to
> snooping and probably the reselected device and selected device should be
> back to blank - but there is overlap between these two and the current
> columns.

The 3rd and 4th columns describe a reselect operation while the 5th and
6thdescribe a select operation. Rearranging the columns would break up that
and might make things more confusing.

> Will the SPI-3 editor fix the latter rows? Will the SPI-3 editor replace
> this matrix with a state diagram?

I agree that a state diagram might be a good way to resolve the above issues.

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