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J.P. Morgan, the world famous banker at the American Bankers Convention in 
1903 was asked what was the secret of his success.  He replied "Opportunity
passed me every single second of my life, but I was perceptive enough to
take advantage of these opportunities."  The time is always now!

Smart-Stocks has discovered a new issue that we believe is well poised to 
have great success in the emerging upscale entertainment markets.  
Smart-Stocks rates Alternative Entertainment (OTC BB: BOYS) a strong buy.

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Alternative Entertainment (OTC BB : BOYS)
Shares Outstanding 3,013,790 
Shares Public Float 980,000 
Number Sharholders 790
Approved by NASD for Trading October 7, 1998

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Alternative Entertainment, Inc. (the "Company") is engaged in the Adult 
Media and Entertainment Industry. Specifically, the acquisition, 
development and operation of Upscale Gentlemen’s Clubs and advanced 
on-line media for E-Commerce on Internet Sites. The Company plans a 
national chain of Upscale Gentlemen's Clubs with the focus on business 
and professional male patrons. The main floor, which caters to patrons 25 
to 39 years of age, will incorporate an evolving theme concept conducive 
to a "party atmosphere" and will operate under the trade name BOYS TOYS. 
Private club facilities of the Boardroom Restaurant will target individuals 
ages 40 to 65 and offer full service dining, an extensive cigar lounge and 
a vast selection of premium wines and liquor.

The clubs will enable the Company to facilitate onsite film production and 
live video streaming of the female entertainers as content to the on-line 
community. Initially the live content will provide revenues via E-Commerce 
on Company owned Web Sites. Such content will later be repackaged and 
distributed through Webmasters and individual owners of the 45,000 
established Adult Sites on the Internet.

The Company has an extremely strong management team comprised of several 
key executives, including the president, of the leading management company 
within the Gentlemen’s Club Industry. The management team has over 100 years 
of combined knowledge of the Industry.



$4 Billion a year Gentlemen's Club Industry - 25% pretax margins 
3,618,000 average yearly revenue per upscale club - $488 sales per sq. ft.  
36% of all businessmen entertain their clientele at Gentlemen’s Clubs 
$1.2 Billion a year Internet Adult Sites - 70% pretax margins 
Media content providers are basically non-existent 
Consolidation play exists for both segments of the industry


The Company has internally raised $2,000,000 to date through a combination 
of equity and convertible debt. The Company has a San Francisco property 
(15,000 sq. ft.) under construction and an option to purchase two additional 

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