Urgent - T10 November Meeting Cutoff Date Change

Lawrence J. Lamers ljlamers at ix.netcom.com
Fri Oct 2 10:45:06 PDT 1998

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T10 Membership:

Well dear friends I am now the meeting host for the November T10 meeting :)
or maybe :(.

Anyway today, 10/1/98 is the cutoff date, not 10/6/98 due to the fact that
the meeting week was moved up.

The hotel informs me there are two rooms available on Monday, more the rest
of the week.

Please make your reservations ASAP.

Phone: 760-322-9000
Fax: 760-322-6009

The Group name is Adaptec/X3T10.


Lawrence J. Lamers                     Adaptec, Inc
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