Echo Buffer mode for READ/WRITE BUFFER

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Tue Nov 24 14:46:05 PST 1998

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<<The echo buffer mode allows the use of READ/WRITER buffer commands during
normal I/O operations;>>

     I thought this was for special setup operations known as domain
validation not for normal I/O operations.

<<The echo buffer shall be the same buffer as used when the WRITE BUFFER
command with the mode field set to echo buffer was issued.>>

     This should be "shall transfer the same data as when the WRITE BUFFER"

<<The READ BUFFER command shall return the same number of bytes of data as
sent in the prior WRITE BUFFER command.>>

     This should be same number as received.

<<An echo buffer is assigned in the same manner by the target as it would
for a write operation.>>

     This seems to be an idle and unnecessary statement.

<<Upon successful completion of a WRITE BUFFER command the data shall be
preserved in the echo buffer unless there is an intervening media-access

     Go on to say "in which case it may be changed."


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