DiffSense Timing

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Mon Nov 23 08:23:39 PST 1998

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I agree with most of you comment until the end.

>>The real issue for DIFFSENS timing is accommodating the low frequency
>>noise AND the time required for a connector to completely mate (at least
>>100 ms).


>>I think under these conditions that what we have now is OK.

I do not see how you can say everything is OK when the terminator is
allowed change modes on a 1ns glitch.

>>We know the device is there when it responds to inquiry or whatever.

I am not as worried about when I can talk to the hot-plugged device.  I am
worried about when I can talk to the devices that were on the bus before
the hot-plug event.  Currently they are allowed to take 2 days to change
driver modes if they want to.

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