Obsolete mixed command and data, mixed data and response

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Thu Nov 19 16:11:30 PST 1998

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The only benefits I can see to having more than one
IU in a Sequence are:

- You only use one SEQ_ID to send more than one IU,
thereby saving "precious SEQ_ID resources"...

- You can send more than one IU without resorting
to Sequence Streaming.


- Any Sequence error whacks more than one IU.

- You can only send one IU of a category in a

The upsides don't seem all that great, and the downsides
seem kind of annoying. Please correct me if I missed

Sounds like it could be worth removing from FC-FS,
or at least deprecating it, in the interest of
promoting "creeping simplicity".

Let's think about it, and maybe a few other things too?

thanks! jeff

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