Any T11.3 meeting interest in January?

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Thu Nov 19 08:35:41 PST 1998

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The Joint T10 and T11.3 FC-TAPE and SSC working group will NOT be
meeting anywhere in January.

Dale L.

JPScheible at wrote:
> Ladies and gentlemen,
>    Is there any interest in T11 meetings the week of 1/25/98 in
> Monterey/Seaside CA?
>    Originally, T10 was not going to hold January meetings (and no T10 plenary
> will exist).  Since that time they have added a week of working groups.  We
> could decide this at the T11 meeting in December except that the hotel cutoff
> is 11/25/98.
>    I could have PH-x updated and the proposed base for FC-FS ready (with
> unanswered questions).  We could also cover AL-2 (if not forwarded) and AL-3
> (if Jeff could attend).
>    I think we would have plenty to do, but we should only hold the meetings if
> the proper people will be there.
> Any thoughts?
> John Scheible
> jpscheible at
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