Draft minutes of T10 plenary meeting #29 - November 5, 1998

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Is the secretary confident that his not in item 9.2 correct?

<< John Lohmeyer stated his belief that NCITS prohibits using fee monies
for capital purchases.>>

     The minutes are correct in this statement but do not capture my
statement that one of the other technical committees has indeed purchased
equipment. (This was reported in their annual report to NCITS. NCITS did
not object and the Chair of that technical committee is a member of NCITS.)
The parenthetical statement was not made in the meeting and should not be a
part of any revision to the minutes.

<<John described the long-term NCITS goal of providing electronic services
all their sub-committees.  However, T10 is too large to be an early
beneficiary of such support.>>

     Not a comment on the minutes but further information on this point.
The size of T10 is not so much the issue as the number of documents. At the
moment NCITS is not prepared to offer ftp no matter the size of the
technical committee served. Documents must flow through a gatekeeper which
accounts for offering web service but not being able to handle numerous


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