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I think the specification of whether to use the MSB or canonical form, and
its precise translation to VPD, needs to be a normative part of the
standard, not buried in an informative example.  Otherwise there is the risk
that one vendor may use one form, another may use the other, with the result
that both present the identical bit pattern.  The net result is that the
IEEE addresses cannot be depended upon to be unique, which defeats the
entire purpose of including them.

I personally think this is significant enough that someone should submit a
public review comment on SPI-2 so this can be fixed.  (If it were already a
published standard, it would justify an amendment).  However, I have no
personal or corporate interest in this and will not submit such a comment

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>I have discovered (the hard way) that there are two forms in which the IEEE
>bit company IDs can be interpreted One way is the MSB form and the other is
>Canonical form. When you go out and look at the IEEE web site to see what

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