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> SBP-2 draft(sbp2r04 9.1.1) describes that Dummy ORB is sent after Agent 
> Reset.
>     That is an informative, so can we use Command ORB instead of Dummy ORB ?

Yes, the (informative) scenario referenced is only ONE way to do things. It
was written that way to separate the essential ingredients of *initialization*
|from the shared producer/consumer use of an already active list. There is no
reason that you cannot initialize the system with an ORB that contains a
meaningful command.

>  And please show me the common scenario to execute command ?
>     (1) Allocate space for a dummy ORB
>     (2) Initialize dummy ORB
>     (3) Quadlet write to AGENT_RESET register.
>     (4) Write the address of dummy ORB to ORB_POINTER register
>     (5) Compose command ORB in system memory.
>     (6) Update the Next_ORB field in dummy ORB with Command ORB's address.
>     (7) Ring Doorbell.
>     Is that correct ?

This (as described in the SBP-2 draft) is one reasonable way to manage the
task list.


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