Draft Minutes T10 Plenary Meeting #25 - March 19, 1998

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<<8.9 SCSI Enhanced Parallel Interface (EPI) Technical Report {Project
In the absence of Bill Ham (who had step out briefly), John Lohmeyer
recent EPI enhancements regarding switching bridges.  Larry Lamers
the belief that Bill will provide an EPI revision for the next mailing.
(Note: Bill later confirmed Larry's belief.)>>

     In conjunction with the practice of not taking breaks (good idea!!)
T10 has not established a rule against stepping out of the room during the
meeting especially if it is urgent, consequently I think the minutes should
not report members leaving the room and should be tightened by eliminating
such comments. This will bypass the need to criticize the mixed tense.


     The minutes seem to omit what the committee decided to do with SBP-2
after they approved the resolution of letter ballot comments.

<<8.19  SCSI Socket/SSL Services Command Set (SSS)  {Project 1246-D}
Keith Parker reported that he has received the IEEE Posix standard for
and incorporated it.>>

     I understood him to say he was referencing it. But if he said what the
minutes say and I heard an understood it as the minutes indicate I should
have strenuously objected. Incorporating (other than normatively
referencing) is bad practice, contrary to the liaison relationships we have
had, and perhaps T10 is violating an IEEE copyright. If the minutes are
correct, this issue should be on the agenda for the May T10 meeting.

Missing words:

     <<John Lohmeyer took an action item forward the T10 file retention
policy to
NCITS for approval.>>

     <<George Penokie that the letter ballot resolution document is
98-108r2 and will be available in the next mailing.>>

     <<Gene Milligan took an action item to report on how handle the
reference to ESDI in SCSI-2 (see 10.6).>>

     <<263)  Gene Milligan will report on how handle the normative
reference to ESDI
in SCSI-2.>>

Extra words for partial balance:

<<the process T10 is already is using>>

<<10.2.1  0.5 pF Capacitance Balance Changing to 1.5 pF
Ralph Weber reported that the working group unanimously recommended that
capacitance balance value be changed from 0.5 pF to 1.5 pF with a note
recommending that implementations strive for the minimum possible values
properties characterized in Table 29.>>

     The minutes are probably correct and are in agreement with the WG
minutes which are also probably correct but I missed the unfortunate turn
of phrase.

     It is not appropriate to recommend the minimum possible. If George did
not already exercise literary license he should during future editorial
tweaks make purely editorial change but vital to have it paid any mind to
"minimum practical".

<<c) Do the equivalent of (a) or (b) but by a short corrigenta.>>

     I don't know about "corrigenta" and if I did I would not discuss it in
mixed company. The word I used was "corrigendum".

<<Fast Track may be appropriate for use when the usual T10 process fails
due to lack of interest on the new project ballot.>>

     The minutes are likely correct but, lack of interest is not the issue
- we have always had strong interest as indicated by nearly all member
countries voting for the project, the issue is the numerical hurdle we have
on occasion faced of not having five countries to sign up to support the

<<Gene Milligan reported on a discussion of the possibility of joining the
100 TAG for activities related to multimedia.>>

     Close. I think "Gene Milligan reported on the invitation to join the
TC 100 TAG for activities related to multimedia which he had distributed on
the T10 reflector."

With as little input as has been recently coming into the SPI-3 WG, it
seems odd to schedule the meeting until 2000. The SPI-3 WG ran long this
last time but it was with SPI-2 items. It's admirable to be diligent, but
the credibility of the output tends to wane in the later hours.

Sorry I did not notice during the meeting. I see no need and object to
overlapping the SCSI WG with the SFF plenary. This is the only day the
schedule runs past 1700 for the SCSI WG and I am not aware of any need to
stretch to overlap the SFF meeting.

The bottom line comment on the minutes is that they are an excellent
reference and I continue to be pleased that they error on the information
side rather than like the NCITS style minutes which tend to lean away from
information and just a collection of document numbers. (No offense NCITS -
just a wish.)


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